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Training Courses in Massage, Holistic Therapies and Beauty

Combine a trip to sunny Spain with a course to learn massage or beauty therapies! All courses are one to one on dates to suit you, so contact me if you'd like to book to arrange your class. Then relax with evening yoga classes and weekend workshops in gentle Dru Yoga to help you relax and make the most of your time.

Do you live in Spain? Then come along and learn something new to add to your skills!

All courses in Spain are held in Grazalema , Cadiz Province - officially one of the Pueblos Mas Bonitos de Espana (most beautiful villages in Spain)! This beautiful White VIllage has lots to do including tours of the local textile factory which makes blankets from locally produced wool, walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, pony trekking and enjoying the fantastic food produced locally! The village is popular with Spanish families as well as foreigners, and has a wonderful, 'real Spain' atmosphere all year round. The mountain scenery is stunningand there are some very interesting historic towns and villages to visit, such as Ubrique and Ronda.

Our holistic therapy courses are all accredited and insurable with UK professional organisations and insurers so they are suitable for professional practice in the UK. Our accrediting bodies are Guild of Holistic Therapists who have members throughout the UK and Spain and Professional Ethical Practitioners. If you are a yoga teacher, you may well be able to add the course to your existing insurance. Check with your provider.

Insurance is available for therapists with UK qualifications who are working in Spain - Balens are an established provider who have insured some of my students on an individual basis.

Students who want to learn for personal interest are welcome - massage and beauty therapies are great for sharing with friends and family!

Students are responsible for arranging their own travel to Spain. We can offer accommodation in our self-contained guest apartment - contact me to arrange a courses plus accommodation package.

Full day courses are from 9.30am to 1.30pm and then 5pm to 7pm (this is a full day’s timetable)

Half day courses MORNING half day courses are from 9.30am to 1.30pm (this is a half-day timetable.

EVENING courses are from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Courses may be timetabled as one or more full days or one or more half days, as indicated.

The following courses have entry requirements - if you don't have what is needed, then contact me and I can put a package together with all you need!

Deep Tissue Massage – any body massage which included A&P will be acceptable
Pregnancy Massage - any body massage which included A&P will be acceptable
Hot Stone Massage - A&P required
Hot Stone & Gem Reflexology - prior reflexology training which included A&P needed
Maternity Reflexology - prior reflexology training which included A&P needed
Reiki 2 – a Reiki 1 level training is required, with me or with another teacher

Special Offers

To tempt you to book, there are two special offers:

  • Single students - if you book two or more individual courses you will receive 10% off the second and subsequent courses booked. If you book two courses together you will get 10% off the lower priced course.

  • Buddy Bookings - book the same individual course with a friend, pay together and get 10% off total booking.

  • All returning students get a 10% lifelong discount off all future courses or treatments, in Spain or in the UK.

  • Holistic Therapy and Beauty Courses

    Thai Foot Massage

    Indian Head Massage

    Japanese Hand Massage

    Eastern Facial Massage

    Thai Foot Reflexology (2 days)

    Advanced Indian Head Massage (2 days)

    Indian Foot Massage with Kaashi Bowl (1 day)


    Ayurveda Indian Body Massage (2 days)

    Aromatherapy Massage (3 days)

    Holistic Massage (2 days)

    Hot Stone Massage (1 day)

    Thai Hot Herbal Massage (1 day)

    Pregnancy Massage (1 day)

    Deep Tissue Massage (1 day)


    Ayurvedic Facial Massage (1 day)

    Spa Facial Treatments (2 days)

    Spa Hand Therapy Course (1 day)

    Advanced Manicure (must have basic manicure training) - day to cover paraffin wax manicure, nail art, French polish

    Spa Foot Therapy Course (1 day)

    Back Massage and Bacials Course - to help achieve a beautifully smooth, relaxed back (1 day)

    Classic Manicure & Pedicure (1 day)

    Gel Manicure (1 day) - beginners welcome, as the techniques are not a follow-on from Classic Manicure. They're different.

    Foot Reflexology (2 days)

    Hand Reflexology (2 days)

    Foot and Hand Reflexology (3 days)

    Maternity Reflexology (1 day with prior reflexology training)

    Crystal Therapy (1 day)

    Ear Candling Therapy (known as Hopi Ear Candling) - 1 day

    Reiki 1 & 2 (can be taken together as a two day course)

    Reiki 3 Shinpiden Master/Teacher (2 days, and should have held Reiki 2 for at least a year)

    Stillroom Skills - one full day, 190 euros per person inclusive of products, 360 euros for a group of up to four friends

    The stillroom was an important part of the traditional country home, and was a working room that functioned as part infirmary and part kitchen. The lady of the house, her daughters, maids and wards produced soap, candles, shampoos, home-cleaning products, cosmetics, jams, jellies, preserves, home-brewed drinks, salves and ointments. They used the flowers, fruit and herbs grown in their own garden along with ingredients from the professional herbalist or apothecary shop to produce what was needed to feed and heal their families and keep their homes and furnishings bright and fresh.

    I have drawn on my own training in aromatherapy, herbalism and product-making to revisit the skills of the stillroom and teach them to students today. Grazalema is a great place to learn these traditional skills and reconnect with the natural world - many of the plants used as herbs or to extract essential oils are growing around you!

    The course is a wonderful way of learning to make natural, traditional products in a rural location. You will use natural ingredients to make cosmetics, home care products such as pot pourri and candles and remedies to help maintain wellbeing. There is great satisfaction in making a flower-perfumed salve to keep your skin or lips smooth, producing an aromatic massage candle as a birthday gift or wrapping your own handmade soap to store and use during the year ahead.

    You will learn about a group of herbs which were traditionally used every day in cooking, preserving and making remedies, and find out about infusions, tinctures and flower remedies produced from them. You will explore the aromas and properties of some essential oils which are perfect for making stillroom products, and learn how to make your own blends for wellbeing and enjoyment. Most importantly, you will make several different products and you will take home the treats you have made along with full notes on the essential oils and herbs, the extra ingredients you have used, instructions on the methods and recipes used to make the products.

    This is a good introduction to herbs, essential oils and product-making, and you will be able to make products for your own enjoyment and for creative gifting after the Stillroom Skills day. When you get home, all you need is space in your kitchen, and glass and stainless steel equipment to mix, blend and warm your ingredients.

    If you want to learn more, then I teach a full Aromatherapy Massage course which includes Anatomy & Physiology, Professional Standards, Aromatherapy Theory (including blending) and full Body Massage. This is insurable for professional practice and accredited by the Guild of Holistic Therapists/Beauty Guild.


    Doctrine of Signatures
    Herbs in facial treatments – cosmetics, soap, anti-ageing, acne, ailments, etc
    Herbs in food and drink – herbal teas to soothe, for minor ailments etc, to aid digestion
    Herbal tinctures – use for wellbeing, add to cosmetics and creams
    Herbal oils - use in massage, add to products
    Making simple creams, lotions, soap and cosmetics
    Growing herbs, buying herbs, foraging herbs
    Drying herbs

    Learn about the properties of a group of essential oils for stillroom products
    Enjoy blending the essential oils to create your own fragrances
    Learn about how essential oils can promote wellbeing and health
    Find out how to use essential oils in the home
    Enjoy using essential oils to make creams, candles, soap and other stillroom products

    Short history (Dr Bach and later makers of flower remedies)
    How flower remedies are produced
    Flower remedies and the Doctrine of Signatures
    Using flower remedies in stillroom products

    We will make a minimum of three stillroom products using herbs, essential oils and flower remedies. We will package and present the items attractively to take home for your own enjoyment or as gifts.

    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A STILLROOM SKILLS DAY, then please email me to arrange your date. Come alone or with a group of up to three friends.

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